Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Operation EnlightenUS



NorCal was asked to execute a field for Recursion support so a queued field plan was initiated.

Field Type: Enlightened, Single Layer Giga
Field Life: 58 minutes (30/03/2014 00:52 - 30/03/2014 01:52 UTC)
Area: 3,500,920 mi2 / 9,067,338 km2 (37.7% of maximal)
Longest Link: 5740 km
Mind Units: 42,222,076
Take Down Method: Honorable by RES StgKyleeReese
Field Plan Start: January 12th, 2014
Field Day Begin: March 29th, 2014

Screenshot from 2014-03-29 17-57-33.png


In the wake of victory in 13Magnus, the Enlightenment in the Bay Area had paid the iron price for Very Rare Link Amps. Here is the story of one of the most beautiful fields to grace our skies.

The availability of Very Rare Link Amps opened new doors for what NorCal could achieve.  Ideas were abound and the possibilities were endless. Coming off 13Magnus on the night of 100 8's, A Cure for the Winter Blues in Santa Cruz during the 13Magnus Grillfest & Victory Celebration hosted by agent d0gboy, a decision was made to add EnlightenUS to the NorCal queue.

Fields are the foundation of this battle for the future of humanity. Given that most fields are the equivalent of low probability events, some have wondered why fielders spend months of plotting, planning, and traveling to the diverse endpoints of the earth for so ephemeral a thing.

From the fielder’s perspective there is a unique pleasure which comes with making these big, beautiful wonders of the virtual world. Hour upon hour is spent scouring the map at the lowest levels of detail to find anchors. Lines and angles are analyzed continuously. Ground conditions, seasons, and faction strength are all part of the complicated equation that determines where we create a simple triangle on a flat representation of the globe. While a pleasant pastime all on its own, the true thrill of fielding comes when one leaves the drawing board and springs to life on the intel map.

The teamwork and logistics bring an already close knit faction even closer, creating something that inspires agents everywhere; something that has to be seen and experienced to be believed. The business of making fields is something that the founders of NorCal have been at since Ingress’ inception. As our team expands, the newer members all share in the inspiration sparked by the endeavours of our trailblazers. This is the all important circle in this game of triangles. Our connection to our team and our faction inspires more and more people to join us.

From the beginning our goal has been world-class fielding. From that very first megafield in California history to this field, we have taken as our mandate not just world-class fields but also to provide world-class inspiration.

Key Movements and Timing

Our Saskatoon team didn’t need much convincing when it came to heading into Hawaii and California during winter. Agent deper29 flew to California for keys and debauchery, while agent beardedantihero also moved keys he had defrosted while on a Hawaiian vacation. Agent rightsock moved keys from Cabo San Lucas to Hawaii on a trip of his own -- passing from ice to sun and then back again to complete the critical exchanges.

With all the pieces in place, a date was undecided until the Recursion sequence began. Forecasting what might be a final showdown, we decided to fast track the throw time to make a difference on March 29th, where we felt we could make a difference in the California and Spokane anomalies. With that, we no longer had the luxury of time, as we knew Enlightened everywhere would need this field.



The mission to resurrect Roland Jarvis in 13Magnus had put members of the northern California Enlightened on the global map, making connections with top agents across the country and the entire world. What had been a trickle of messages between cells in various states turned into a torrent of useful information, and trust was built as eight shards made their way to San Francisco.

These connections gave us access to many excellent crews to clear links, and also some of the best operators in the world -- not least of which was the ANZAC operator corps, who acted as tireless eyes in the sky for us.

As the pressure of events built, we shifted towards models that encouraged self-coordination and identification of problem areas. Sweep teams brought in local area experts, and we reached a point where our thinking shifted from “
this is nuts” to “we are going to do it!”.

As with all these operations, there were snafus, difficult travel situations, and (of course) hard blocking links, but our agents, knowing that they were not working alone, prepared themselves for a series of extraordinary missions. On a normal day, any one of these might justify their own report, but the finale of recursion would prove to be anything but normal.

March 29

The forecast leading up to the 29th included lightning strikes at our Hawaiian anchor high atop Konahuanui. The canonical advice for avoiding lightning strikes is to get as low to the ground as possible; the anchor’s height of just over three thousand feet made this problematic. The team scrambled to find contingency anchors, but fortunately the skies cleared at the last minute, and our team began their ascent.

Our target throw time was set during the Recursion events but the battle against blocking links pushed the field well beyond final measurements. At that point, sweep teams and operators were dead set, and fought through blocker after blocker to cover the battle grounds on the west coast in glorious green - now a fitting commemoration for the Enlightened victory in the final anomaly of the series.

Roll Call

Hawaii Anchor

Hawaiian Enlightened runs like a well oiled machine. Time and time again they continue to exemplify professionalism in every aspect of this battle for Mind Units. They are in before you can finish selling them on the operation. In the face of a possible lightning storm on the climb to the top of Konahuanui they stayed determined to make their links no matter what.

Logistics/Link: JohnPaul, Digitalreality
Link: Lointhrust, Lost1, Vendetta808, FattimusPrime, Kaiwi, Ambulophobic
Oahu Sweep: Hawaiian85, Jstw8nsee, hiloboy, Five13ninja, diamondz, XxCasshernxX, Azameen, kumabom
Operators/Intel: Bigfoot888, Mzbigfoot888

Mexico Anchor

Mexican Enlightened was led by jcmorales who came highly recommended as a field fanatic and skillfully handled all Mexican affairs.  Their ground teams went above and beyond expectations. This Included such exploits as: sweet talking their way onto a naval base to take out the one portal there that had two blockers to remote Baja cities, and DarkAngelDB taking many trips to Cabo to flip, re-flip, and re-re-flip the portals we needed green and clear the random blockers that kept being thrown.

Logistics: jcmorales, MissUva
Sweep: LianarBasal, DarkAngelDB, kekito, BenRegnard, Alienmike, mtbikerlm, DoUKnowMe, zulen, Cachanilla86, bass8455, skonz, YisusCraist, SarithapXD, Ixxy

Saskatoon Anchor

Agent deper29 who touched every aspect of EnlightenUS from conception to the final link led his crew to their snowy portal while ground teams cleared the way.  Survival beers were consumed and hula hoops were in play.

Link Team: deper29, Appletalk, Hambo, tyhumph, bikeworld, zoomer77, beardedantihero
Sweep: STYKRE, phleck

Southwest Corridor

Southwest agents went straight to work the minute they were asked for help. Facing wave after wave of Resistance fields along the link path and long travel requirements came through with a clean shot.

Logistics/Sweep: ElKab0ng, KALLESTEWA, LadyApocalypse, Navik

Rocky Mountain Corridor

Sporting Recursion battle scars the area covering Rocky Mountains to Montana border was one of the more problematic areas. In response to having their Colorado state-wide field cleared, RE threw a last-minute blocker along the northern CO border, hampering efforts. A level 3 agent was enlisted (and given a Jarvis code) to clear the last remaining RE blocker in southern Wyoming.

Logistics/Sweep: Exolo, MrsExolo
Sweep: tdkidd, StoneyMaloney, quandonio, Froats, GameStopsHere, lnt, lilmonsterkitty, reynoldswrap187, epademic333, and more

Montana Corridor

Agent SnowXTC (a one woman army herself) tapped a lone agent Worzie to secure Montana while she was battling Resistance in Spokane. A single friendly blocker required a very long trip through Big Sky Country. Big state, small team. Well Done!

Logistics: SnowXTCSweep: worzie

Calgary Corridor

Facing a rats nest of links and fields the Calgary team systematically and seamlessly cut a clean lane.

Sweep: skuzz, Napa1m, somber, Recca, and more
Logistics: f4runner, stanmart
Operators: okame, rulakir

Northwest Corridor

Seattle and surrounds had a high number of blockers, but an equally high number of agents, organized and stationed such that all blockers could be dropped in a very short space of time. A small team was also dispatched across the border to British Columbia, to deal with the only remaining problem area between Seattle and Calgary.

Sweep: Splee, BWarned, Featherhead, SomeDrunk, Witsfool, Cwenny, NaturalCauses, cthaeghya, theBana, Trinity996, StormbladeX69, Egoperagro, KVN1
Operators: PatMan, LithossLogistics: Sierva

Operations and Support

With numerous regional crews to coordinate, and thousands of kilometres of link paths to scan, operators from both the US and abroad were called in to enable 24/7 monitoring and coordination, helping ensure the operation ran as smoothly as possible.

Operator Team: Dimand, 130spectre, bigfoot888, Thrakazog, Mold
Community Organizer: d0gboy

Operational Support: Vicinext